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IHAP - Ministry of Health

This system enables the Secure and robust active surveillance process which is integrated with the passport and biometric data verification while streamlining the first line investigations with the routine management of HIV, TB, Malaria and Filaria cases. Through this system Periodic follow-up of the applicant by integrating business processes of Department of Immigration (DIE), Immigration Health Unit (IHU) and four vertical national health programmes of the Ministry of Health, namely National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Diseases (NPTCCD), National STD and HIV Control Programme (NSACP), Anti-Malaria Campaign (AMC) and Anti-Filariasis Campaign (AFC).

Project Completeness 100%

e-PIMS - National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Diseases

This is a comprehensive web based information system which designed to capture the existing paper based reporting system with minimal modifications to the structure and existing business process to suit the local and international data requirement. The solution is focusing on improving the quality and timeliness of data available to decision makers on tuberculosis management by improving monitoring of trends in tuberculosis disease burden or enabling rapid responses to emerging problems.

Project Completeness 100%

MPI - Ministry of Health

MPI is an application designed to maintain a Master Patient Index for Health Information Systems (such as HHIMS, HIMS), conceived by Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka and developed by the SLIT. The purpose of the system is to create a data repository that is used across all healthcare organizations in Sri Lanka to maintain consistent, accurate and current demographic and essential medical data on the healthcare recipients.

Project Completeness 100%

GIS - Ministry of Health

This system was designed and developed to map all helath care institutions in Sri Lanka with factual overlays of key attributes, indicators and geographical information of all institutions with visualization of catchment areas of health institutions according to major clinical specialties. System also supports adding, updating or removing mapped facilities, indicators and catchment areas.

Project Completeness 100%

Fixed Asset Management

FAMS - Sri Lanka Police Department

This is comprehensive system to track, monitor and maintain an Fixed Assets belongs to the Department of Police including Office & Other Equipments, Vehicles, Land & Buildings, Structures, Kennels, Horses and Trees. This will help them to get important reports according to the government rules and regulations (Circulars and Finance Regulation) .

Project Completeness 100%

Fixed Asset Management

FAMS - Department of Immigration & Emigration

For developing this software system we have followed all the circulars issued by the General Treasury on government assets and the Government Financial Regulations. They have implemented barcode for asset identification. Hence the Department was able to do their board of survey for the year 2014 through this system and obtained all the relevant assets reports including Verification Report, Asset Details for Final Accounts, Asset Disposal Details very efficiently and successfully.

Project Completeness 100%

Human Resource Management

HR Management - Department of Civil Security

We were invited to design, developed and implement a comprehensive web based Human Resources Management Software System to Department of Civil Security. We support them to prepare the database of 40,000 personal file and comprehensive training program were conducted to the selected staff. Trainee staff of the CSD currently running the software system smoothly and provide support to the other staff to run the system smoothly. This software system installed in a server computer at the head office and 25 district offices directly connected to this server to update the personal records through system.

Project Completeness 100%

Antenna Structure Management

Antenna Structure Management System - TRC

Through this system Sri Lanka - Telecommunication Regulatory Commission can handle all administrative and technical data related to existing telecommunication and broadcasting antenna structures and new antenna structure requirements, antenna structure approval process, visualize coverage GIS maps under various criteria’s

Project Completeness 100%

ERP Solution

ERP - Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

We were invited to design, developed and implement a comprehensive web based ERP Solution. And this project was totally computerized to get important reports on Finance, Human Resource, Payroll, Student Management, Project Management, Self Finance, Fixed Assets & Consumable Stock Management modules according to the government rules and regulations. According to their Organizational Structure we have installed this software system to many different sections..

Project Completeness 100%


Hospital MIS - Bandaranayake Pvt Hospital

This software System is a complete package, needs for a hospital to deal with all the day to day operations taking place. It is powerful, flexible and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospital

Project Completeness 100%

Project Management & Monitoring Software

Project Management - CRIP - World Bank Funded

Project Overview

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management of Sri Lanka remains committed to manage of the Irrigation Sector and the Water Resources of the country, maintaining the equilibrium between the trends in rapid economic development and sustainable use of water resource base. It gains from the support of the implementation agencies under the Ministry, which are manned by competent technical personnel experienced and trained in their respective disciplines.

Project Completeness 100%

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Software System - Ministry of Health

We were invited to design, developed and implement a comprehensive web based Fleet Management Software System to Ministry of Health specially at the transport Section where the most transactions were handling. And this project was totally computerized to get important reports on Fleet Management according to the government rules and regulations. According to their Organizational Structure we have installed this software system to many different sections as mention in below through a network with a server.

Project Completeness 98%

Land Slide Information Management System

LIMS - National Building Research Organization

The scope of this project is to carry out range of activities to Design, Develop and Implementation of Comprehensive Landslide Information Management System (LIMS) which will be used as a tool and reference for the Landslide Risk Management. The Software prepared as a Web Based Solution and run as an Offline Software Solution at the District Offices. All the District Data uploaded to the Main Database at the LRRMD-NBRO head office at a given time by daily basis through Android & iOS mobile applications. In future, this software system will be integrated to online system in Finance Division via API.

Project Completeness 100%

Centralized Database System for SGBV National Action Plan

MIS - Ministry of Child & Women Development

Design, develop, establish and supervise web based centralized database system for MoWCA & DZD as a part of SGBV National Action Plan monitoring process. This will be link with all relevant ministries and institutions. This software system facilitate to manage all data collected during routine program implementation and monitoring ensuring the integrity of data and communications. Also support the Ministry in reporting in line with international obligations ratified by the state manage a secure database ensuring the integrity of data and communications.

Project Completeness 100%