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Product Description

Fixed Asset Management Software System facilitates to automate the all transactions of Fixed Asset & provided the all report needed for the organization. FAMS (Fixed Asset Management System) will assist to manage all Fixed Assets (Lands, Buildings, Structures, Plant & Machinery, Equipments & Vehicles) from the purchase level up to disposal level of the Assets. All actions in between those two points can be automated with the FAMS very easily. This will avoid the losses of information about the Fixed Assets or the locations of the Fixed Assets as well as the responsible persons of the Fixed Assets & many more details. This will increase the efficiency of the organization as well as the accuracy of managing Fixed Assets.

Module Features

  • Creating Item records with item categories of all Fixed Assets
  • Keep Employee details with an image
  • Use Employee details for Fixed Asset issues for individuals
  • Keep supplier details (Which will important for purchase details)
  • Finding Items with various methods
  • Depreciation Methods & Rates
  • Transfer Items with in organization with updated records
  • Track information about Equipments such as, Warranty expire date, Purchase details, Location & etc.
  • Track information about Vehicle such as, Physical details, License & Insurance details, Purchase details, Revalue details & etc.
  • Track information about Lands & Buildings such as, Plans, Deeds & etc.
  • Records keep with a picture of a Fixed Asset
  • Keep information about the maintenance of the Fixed Assets & track expenses related to the Fixed Assets
  • Fuel issuing facility for the vehicles & track records of Fuel issuing history
  • Can be generated several reports such as,
    • Organization Fixed Asset details with several filtering methods
    • Auditing reports (Board of survey)
    • Disposal report (G.S. 47 report)
    • Purchase detail report & Asset Details for Final Accounts
    • Issue Orders & Receive Orders for Fixed Assets (G.S. 141 & 219 report)
    • Item Labeling with texts or barcodes
    • Annual Expenditure reports for vehicles & other Fixed Assets.
    • Depreciation reports of needed Fixed Assets